DirectoryStorage - Convert DirectoryStorage to FileStorage tool

Usage: [--storage DIRECTORY] /path/to/output/Data.fs


This tool converts a DirectoryStorage storage directory to a FileStorage Data.fs file.

This tool needs to use snapshot mode to ensure that no other storage process is using the main storage directory. To use snapshot mode you will need to either manually shut down those processes, or, if you are using Zope, configure the tool to communicate with Zope. Zope will not lose read or write access to the storage.

The --storage DIRECTORY option may be omitted if is being run under the tool. In versions before 1.1.10, use of was mandatory.

This tool is new in version 1.1.12.


This tool operates using transaction metadata to list object revisions, and pass the same information into FileStorage.

You may want to use the tool to check the integrity of your DirectoryStorage before using ds2fs. This tool does not check md5 checksums or verify the database integrity; it copies data blindly.

DirectoryStorage fault-tolerance features allow DirectoryStorage to continue normal operation even if some transaction metadata is lost for any reason, however these objects will get missed by this tool. Again, this type of corruption should get detected by